Poorly Dressed


You're Wearing a Mask Anyway...

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Some Women are Two-Faced

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Bane-Lines Are the New Tan-Lines

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Make Up Your Mind, Bro

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Countryside Batman

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The Pale Knight Rises

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These Star Wars and Superhero Costumes Leave Little to the Imagination!

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For when Superman takes time off and spends the whole day on the couch watching Firefly re-runs

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Everyone Wants to Be Batman

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Come to Think of It, Have We Ever Seen Pac-Man's Parents?

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Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na BAT TAN!

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Dressed to Win: My Only Concern Is That I'd Punch People All the Time If I Wore This

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The Bat Signal Looks Suspiciously Like a Diaper Genie

Dog - Robin either smells danger, or batman's diaper.
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Dressed to Win: He's All the Superheroes

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Is This the Ballet "Bat Lake"?

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