Poorly Dressed


Obligatory Clerks / Batman Mashup

batman - 7756712448
By Unknown

Robin Did Not Age Well

batman bear robin saran wrap superhero wtf - 4290437888
By mcveyla

As Long As You Don't Use Your Hands, This is Pretty Cool

nails nail polish funny Pokémon Edward Scissorhands batman science - 7518302720
By Unknown

The Joker goes hipster

batman joker - 5392669440
By Unknown

Everyone Wants to Be Batman

costume batman poorly dressed sunglasses - 8337199872
Via joejoe-the-capybara

Slowest Chase Scene Ever

batman joker fat obese - 6628942080
By Unknown

Meow So Serious?

cat halloween the joker batman - 6720406784
By Unknown

Da-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na Sad Man!

batman clown make up weird wtf - 4451290624
By christellar

He Keeps a Snickers Bar in His Utility Belt

batman obese shopping - 6552040448
By Unknown

Gotham's Prettiest Superhero

fashion superheroes batman classic poorly dressed g rated - 7899339776
By Unknown

The Dog Knight Rises

dogs batman animal costumes - 6639051776
By Unknown

Dressed to WIN: Never Takes His Eyes Off You

batman hoodie superheroes - 5001281024
By -Ghost-

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na BAT-STACHE!

logo mustache facial hair poorly dressed moustache batman g rated - 8363201024
Via Izismile

Nah Nah Nah Nah ¡uɐɯʇɐq

batman - 7657374976
By mortimer_jo (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Bane-Lines Are the New Tan-Lines

bane batman tan tan lines - 6451007488
By Unknown

Batman's New Year's Resolution

treadmill costume batman - 6940270592
By Unknown