Poorly Dressed


Was This Look a Slam Dunk?

poorly dressed Dennis Rodman basketball - 8129372672
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I Go Hard in the Mother F**kin' Paint

no pants basketball - 6881618176
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If That's So Wrong, I Don't Want to Be So Right

basketball jersey school shoes - 5303751424
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Go Lekars!

basketball jersey spelling misspelling poorly dressed - 8255458816
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Basketball Requires Tight-Fitting Athletic Wear

basketball wedgie - 5795071232
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Craig Sager: He's Starting a Trend, Really

basketball oh god why sports suit - 6254799360
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basketball Spider-Man poorly dressed g rated - 52327681

It Must Be the Spidey Senses

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70s basketball mullet mustache - 4148704000
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The Dream Team

jersey poorly dressed basketball - 8175791616
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