Poorly Dressed


No One Tell Him About Sunscreen

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One Way to Keep Cool This Summer

bald kids hair haircut parenting poorly dressed g rated - 8251160832
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You're Not Fooling Anyone, Baldy

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He Must Have a Kid Who Likes to Ride on His Shoulders

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Work With What You've Got

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Make the Most of What You Have

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He's Got His Shooting Shorts On

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One's a Little Bigger Than the Other

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Follicle Envy

bald - 7685600512
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Complementary Hairdos

poorly dressed bald haircut - 8059749888
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Use Hair Dye to Take the Balding-Lawnmower-Tattoo One Step Further

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bald comb over - 3948704256
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Your Hair Has Slid Backwards

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By lablover23

If You Can't Grow It, Draw It!

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By christellar

What Baldness?

bald hair fail - 6991109120
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scary hobo beard bald - 7667026432
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