Poorly Dressed


Don't be a baby, unless your mine. Then it's a different story. These juvenile posts will have you gooing and gaaing all day long.

Christmas Shopping for 2013... Done!

baby beard knits - 7004844544
By betbejoh (Via Beardowear)

Backpack by Bjork

baby backpack creepy weird - 6377429504
By insectpins

Hard to Spell, Too

baby clothes spelling typo - 6467425792
By Dragoon11792

Babies Get Hangry Too!

Via wrybaby

Ruth Baby Ginsburg

costume baby halloween parenting - 8365124352
Via @taffyakner

What Alternative Do You Recommend?

baby diapers t shirts parenting poorly dressed - 8153945344
Via Izismile

Tired of Too-Cute Baby Costumes?

baby costume dad halloween poop parenting poorly dressed - 8342734848
Via theCHIVE

Best Baby Photoshoot Ever

hair baby poorly dressed parenting - 8320225792
Via ShavenRaven

"Drink Up, Precious"

Angelina Jolie baby halloween costume - 6631266304
By Unknown

Toddler Fashion At The Rave

accessories baby fashion Hall of Fame rave toddler toys - 5888188672
By Unknown

Way to Go!

onesie baby poorly dressed parenting mom g rated - 8211243008
Via Bro My God

Cutest Baby Costume Ever: Accomplished!

costume baby penguins cute parenting - 8323204608
Via Daily Picks and Flicks

It's Only Day 1, But The Humans Doesn't Notice I've Disguised the Baby as a Pup

dogs baby pets - 7831356672
By Unknown

That's One Way to Do It

hair baby haircut parenting twins - 8369208576
Via @SenSnen

Not Sure About This Hairstyle...

hair baby poorly dressed expression parenting - 8278796288
Via quittingislegitimate

That Is One Tight Jacket

baby FAIL - 7734286080
By Unknown
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