Poorly Dressed


Single File, Ladies!

art gallery sweater - 4972456448
By maxystone

Is Your Jacket Secretly a Work of Art?

art jacket matching poorly dressed museum - 8437027328
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Bringing New Meaning to "Trash the Dress"

art poorly dressed dress garbage bags - 8285578240
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That Jacket is a Real Work of Art

art coat jacket poorly dressed - 8255398144
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Horned Hobo

art awesome hipster hobo mask scary - 4627910144
By Unknown

That's His "Art Appreciation" Outfit

art boots spandex poorly dressed museum - 8264178176
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wtf art Video - 77248001

There's Nothing Weird About This Dude Shaving Another Dude's Back Hair Into Art for a Calendar, No Sirree

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The Pattern on Your Shirt Matches What My Eyes Are Doing Right Now

art shirt wtf - 4853809408
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The Back of Your Head is as Good a Canvas as Any

hair art poorly dressed haircut basketball win - 8216979968
Via Rob the Original

Socks For the Resident Francophile

art poorly dressed socks french - 8428288256
Via Joy of Socks

Dressed to Win: Arting Up Prom

art duct tape prom - 4921827072
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The Endangered Art Student

animals art body paint - 6516795904
By Unknown

Haribo Chic

art candy dress fashion - 6412178432
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Camo For the Whole Family

art camouflage family poorly dressed g rated - 8123251712
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Some Costumes Are Truly Works of Art

art costume poorly dressed mona lisa g rated - 8356141056
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This Watch is Surreal

fashion art - 7833643264
By Unknown
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