Poorly Dressed

American Flag

Maybe You're a Little TOO Proud, Buddy

American Flag dating merica shirt - 6106515968
By FrauAdal

Need Something That Says I'm Patriotic AND I Hate Real Clothes?

American Flag patriotic poorly dressed onesies - 8030096896

A Patriotic Bearded Batman: Your Argument is Invalid

American Flag batman beard facial hair mask poorly dressed your argument is invalid sunglasses - 8160500992
Via Izismile

This is Why the French Look Down on Us

shorts American Flag poorly dressed - 8212389888
Via The Chive

The Matching Visor Really Makes the Outfit

American Flag visor poorly dressed pants matching - 8070221056
By Unknown

Always Match Your Dog

dogs American Flag poorly dressed matching g rated - 8070288896
By Unknown

Such Patriotism

American Flag shorts poorly dressed - 8096703488
Via @Olivianuzzi

Nothing More American

patriotic beard American Flag facial hair poorly dressed win fourth of july - 8244433152
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This Actually Makes Me Less Patriotic

American Flag bikini geriatric - 4669805056
By Unknown

Such Patriotism

patriotism American Flag poorly dressed america - 8336452096
Via The_Jews_Did_This_

What Else Would You Wear For This Kind of Occasion?

American Flag fire patriotic overalls poorly dressed stripes - 8101205504
By theresaburger

Nope There's Nothing About This I Like

American Flag beard juggalo sandals shorts - 4245369344
By christellar

Patriotic Pants

American Flag poorly dressed pants - 8070155776
By Unknown

Patriotism Knows No Shame

patriotic American Flag too tight funny poorly dressed g rated - 7613883136
By kittengrrl26 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)