Poorly Dressed


Such Patriotism

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I Was, My Hat Was Not

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Middle Aged Batman Enjoys the 4th

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That Noblest of American Creatures, The Dolphin

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Look, maybe he just really loves America

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Miss Universe's Costume Category Has One That's Not Like the Others

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How Much Love For America? Full Body Suit Love.

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Damn You Great Lakes!

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American Spirit

america patriotic short shorts Subway wtf - 4582836992
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This is Why It's Tradition to Just Wear White

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The Most Patriotic Costume Ever

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These Shoes Were Made For 'Merica

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Not Sure What Signals You're Trying to Send Here

america bikini shirt - 4854486528
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Happy Memorial Day! Remember Our Loyal Troops of Mullet-Knights

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America At It's Finest

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Fabulously Patriotic

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