Poorly Dressed


A Nuclear Roswell Family

alien pink tutu wig - 4963295744
By maxystone (Via cheezburger.com)

The Dress That Reaches Out and Hugs You

alien best of week dress g rated Hall of Fame nerdgasm poorly dressed - 6451567872
Via Rage Custom Creations

Do You Like? You Like, Don't You?

alien costume Hall of Fame weird - 5949665792
By Unknown

How Does He Speak?

alien hair holes mouth piercing piercings - 5944221184
By Unknown

Resistance Is Futile!

alien glasses weird wtf - 4505880832
By Cyberkedi

Lord High Emperor Plaxisar Has Chosen an Earth Maiden as His Bride

alien robe wedding - 4853745920
Via Dani Weiss Photography via Trendhunter

For Travelers... from Outerspace

alien Travel - 7753044224
By anselmbe

More Aliens Amongs Us.

alien nicki minaj - 5908297216
By Unknown (Via www.yahoo.com)

Outer Space or Outta His Mind?

alien body paint glitter space - 4883706368
By jadorehc

E.T. Phone Home

alien heels lady gaga weird wtf - 4527182592
By Unknown

She's a Maneater

alien high heels - 6878742016
By Unknown

Japan Or Aliens?

alien costume green Japan weird wtf - 6010497280
By Unknown

The Finest In Alien Fashion

alien Aliens costume Hall of Fame shoes - 5971379712
By Unknown

Too Soon? Nah.

alien Aliens michael jackson poorly dressed pun T.Shirt whoops - 6276193792
By Unknown