Poorly Dressed


I'll Take the Flight That's Headed in the Opposite Direction as That Person

airport dress hello kitty - 5015695360
Created by Unknown

I Like to Fly in Style, and Not Much Else

airport pink cross dressing - 6749238272
Created by Unknown

C'mon U.S. Airways, Get With The Times

airport flying Hall of Fame pants - 5940396544
Created by Unknown

Hippie Swagger

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airport revealing too tight traveling - 4014923264
Created by Unknown

I'm Surprised TSA Let Him Through

airport cross dressing shirt skirt - 5806778368
Created by Unknown
airport au naturale Video - 36969985

Well, TSA Was Going to See His Junk Anyway

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Sometimes We All Forget Our Pants in the Morning

airport pants pantsless underwear - 4895791616
Created by christellar

When Traveling, Always Dress in Layers

shorts layers poorly dressed airport Travel - 8111535360
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Ease Off the Zoom Lens

airport shirt wolf - 5088349696
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Mad Men

bomb airport - 6791124736
Created by MariaPete ( Via Business Insider )

American Hairlines

airport feathers hair luggage - 5101753600
Created by Unknown

And I Be Like "You Making Me Buy Two Seats Already"

airport Hall of Fame pants - 5103962624
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This Guy Again...

airport cross dresser weird wtf - 4499891968
Created by Unknown

Poor Fashion Coverage: You Can't Clip This Guy's Wings

airport cross dressing news security - 4895803648
Created by christellar

I Applaud You, Sir

airport newspaper - 6905992960
Created by Unknown
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