Poorly Dressed


We Wouldn't Want to Crush Your Individualism

Walmart funny - 7646051328
By Unknown

Some Stores Sell Knockoff Guccci, We Chose Walmart

gucci Walmart knockoff - 7755021312
By Unknown

The Wild Walmart Leopard Spotted in Her Natural Environment

leopard print Walmart - 5327964416
By Serellan

Give Her a Break, She Just Came From Work

fashion no thanks oh god why tank top Walmart - 6376604928
By toss88

"I'mma Catch Me a Man With My Net"

hair mesh Walmart - 7035973632
By Unknown

Only at Walmart

jackets Walmart - 5580446976
By kelseyleann12

But It's So Affordable

ugly sweater Walmart - 7712180736
By Unknown

I'm in the Wrong Aisle

tuxedos Walmart - 7027207936
By Unknown

We're Going to Need More Than "Oral Care"

camo crossdressing oh god why Walmart weird - 6512888320
By Dee

Girl, Where Did You Get That Outfit?!

child plastic bag Walmart - 6531812096
By Unknown

Dress Like a Winner...

dating t shirts poorly dressed Walmart - 8399398912
Via pbr06

This Can Only End Well

fashion show no thanks sign Walmart - 6508824832
By Unknown

Walmart Kids

t shirts Walmart - 7240063488
By Unknown

We Can Hear Your Pants Just Fine, Grandpa

nascar Walmart - 6576312832
By Necrodamus

Got Me Some Orange Drank

bikini Walmart - 6729950464
By Unknown

We Can Hear You Walking From Twelve Aisles Down

Walmart high heels - 7153249024
By Unknown
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