Poorly Dressed


I See You Brought a Friend to the Beach?

babes BAMF beach bikini gun swimsuit - 6284566016
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Dressed to WIN: Build a Little Birdhouse In Your Beard

animals BAMF beard manly - 6489320704
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And Here I Thought the Male Lions Were too Lazy for That...

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In That Weather, Leather Takes Dedication

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Even Beefcakes Need to Shop For Groceries

BAMF beefcake best of week booty shorts g rated Hall of Fame manly poorly dressed ripped short shorts - 6349329152
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"Can I Pay For These in Swords?"

BAMF cosplay nerds so hardcore swords - 5943654144
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Clearly the Russian Military Had the Right Idea

army BAMF classy retro russia vintage - 6375945472
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