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Your Child is a Lion Tamer! Or Maybe a Tasty Snack

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This Tiger Cub and a Kid in a Tiger Suit Are BFFs for Life

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He Takes Zoo Day Very Seriously

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They Wanted to Fit in With the Theme of the Day

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That Looks About Right

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Has Harambe Taught You Nothing?

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Everyone's An Expert

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You're Rustling Daddy's Jimmies

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This Is Why You Don't Take A Pessimistic Child To The Zoo

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Now Move a Little More to the Right... Perfect!

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Confound this Force Blocking my Snack!

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Despite All My Rage...

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Dress For the Occasion

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Animal of the Day: Lioness Really Wants to Play With or Eat Baby

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We All Had to Grow Up Fast That Day

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Come, Junior! I Won't Have You Associating With Such Riffraff!

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