You've Been Tempted to Do This at Least Once...

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Avert Your Eyes, Children

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He Could Have Planned To Be A Surprise

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Now we have to find, kill, and fry a raccoon!

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Grandma Won't Take Public Littering of Any Kind

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For Young, Hopeful Trolls

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Too Young to Know How Hard He Just Trolled

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All it Takes is One Opportune Moment, and Trolldad Appears

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Welcome to the Internet

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CareBear2626's Dad Introduces the Harsh Realities of Life

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Kids Grow Up So Fast. No Literally, Like, Four Years in One.

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Check and Mate, Trolldad

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Wait, I Thought That's What Dubstep Actually Sounded Like...

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The Paranoid Parental Double-Troll

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Don't Give Your Kids a Handout. Give them Fiber!

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With a Name Like That, You Had it Coming

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