When You'd Rather Give Your Kids Trust Issues Than Diabetes

parenting troll When You'd Rather Give Your Kids Trust Issues Than Diabetes
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Give Her The 'Ol Ferris

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Sign This Baby Up For the Harlem Globe Trotters with Cheerios

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All it Takes is One Opportune Moment, and Trolldad Appears

comic Parenting Fail rage comic restaurant teeth trick troll troll dad - 5332278272
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Such Vile Trickery!

games note Parenting Fail play time trick - 5492924416
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The Paranoid Parental Double-Troll

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The Things They'll Do For Our Affection...

accident bike g rated injury parenting Parenting Fail rage comic son trick - 5596314624
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Pucker Up For... OH GOD

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Welcome To The Real World

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Stay Frosty, Dads

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Kitty's Dad Pulled the Best Bathroom Trick

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