condom crazy things parents say internet language protection slang technology - 58770179

*Tee-hee!* *Giggle-Snort*

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iBrothers Will be iBrothers

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By Unknown

Go Play Outside!

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By Unknown

A Woman Found out She Was Pregnant From Her Fitbit Data

parenting technology A Woman Found out She Was Pregnant From Her FitBit Data
Via @babyfitbit

Does This Count as Sharing?

sharing kids technology parenting - 8434428160
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technology cute parenting Video - 70881537

Technology of the Day: Blind Pregnant Woman ‘Meets’ Unborn Child with 3D-Printed Ultrasound

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Babies Like The WEIRDEST Things

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By Unknown
baby garage technology surprise - 74129665

Baby See's Garage Door Open For First time

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Are Your Kids Your Live-In Tech Support?

kids technology parenting g rated - 8295988992
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Do I Have To?

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gadget Parenting Fail story technology Video - 28809217

A Bedtime Story for a Different Time

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A 21st Century Christmas

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technology parenting funny Video - 71087361

First Time Seeing a Pay Phone

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Parents and Technology Don't Mix

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A Good Christmas Card Gives a Glimpse Into Your Family's Life...

christmas cards parenting technology g rated - 7959857920
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kid puts his face on every device in an apple store

Kid Achieves Master Troll Status, Pranks Whole Apple Store By Uploading His Face on Every Device's Screen

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