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Her Dad Calls Her His Little Water Baby

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Silly Otter, You Don't Need a Lifejacket

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This Kid is Terrified of Drowning Until He Stands Up

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One of Them Doesn't Quite Fit Here

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13-Month-Old Baby Has Mastered the Ability to Float in Water

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Timing is Everything

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If Only Olympic Diving Was This Dramatic

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Just Keep Swimming

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That's Not How We Use the Swing, Dear...

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This Gold Medal Grandma Has Won Over Olympic Fans Across the Internet

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Trial By Water

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Funny dank memes entitled, "Mother Ignoring Kid Drowning" | Reopening Florida COVID-19 cases @memebase 130,000 US deaths | @memebase Billionaires and corporations getting huge tax breaks government Millions Americans who can't pay their rent during lockdown

Mother Ignoring Her Kid Makes For The Perfect Distracted Meme

Negligent parenting at its finest
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Need Some Courage? Listen to This Kid's Adorable Self-Motivation

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Puttin' Out the Vibe

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We All Need A Push

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