It Begins

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This Summer Compilation of Home Video Bloopers Will Hit You Right In the Summer Nostalgia Feels

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When Your Kids Long For the Summer, Remind Them of This

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Summer is Awesome!

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Get Your Own Kiddie Pool

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The False Confidence of Not Know How to Use Something

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This is the Life

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Enjoy the Last Days of Summer While You Can

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Moose Over and Let Your Brother in, too

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Sometimes the Kiddie Pool is Even More Fun For Dad

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Nailed It

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Daughter Requests a Day Off For Her Dad and Receives This Response

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These Slip N Slide FAILs Will Remind You of the Danger in Summer's Greatest Pastime

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It's Almost That Time of Year

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A Little Boy Stuck in a Raft Was Transformed Into Everything Right With the Internet

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Buckets: The Boxes of Summer

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