"I'm Trying to Find the Right Words"

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By Unknown

This is Why I Don't Fall Asleep in the Tall Grass

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By Unknown

The Perfect Naptime Hat

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Via Earth Baby Boutique

He Was on Sale, I Couldn't Resist!

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By Unknown

Frankly, I Still do Both

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By Unknown

Label Everything For Easy Identification

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By Unknown

Endless Cycle

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By Unknown

Tanked Tots: Quick! Draw Things on His Face!

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By Meagan Gillis

More Effective than Whiskey

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By Unknown

I'll Get Up When I'm Ready

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Via _lilPoundcake

Where Do They Get All That Energy?

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By ManOmar

Sleep is For the Weak!

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By Nix_Wolfwood


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By Unknown

Thanks, Kids

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By jordanvoice (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)