Mom Was Never the Same After that Prison Sentence...

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Public Parenting News: Might Want to Keep Those on Ice

baby Father gross Parenting Fail paternity Public Parenting News scary - 5590960384

Tiny Terror

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Via Dump a Day
4-second clip of kid running around with knife shows off the terror of being a parent, raising a little one.

Alarming Video Shows Off Terror Of Trying To Raise Kids

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They're Just as Afraid of You as You are of Them

bedtime ghost scary - 6469437696
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I Hope This is a Parenting FAIL. And Not Any Other Kind of FAIL.

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Thanks, Kids...

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Via Pleated Jeans
costume crying dad prank scare scary Video - 28088833

Like Your Kid Needed to Sleep Anyway

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clown creepy doll laugh scary Video - 31231745

Terrible Toy Alert: Batteries Not Included. Satan, However...

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weird parenting punishments

25 Weird and Dumb Punishments People Received from Their Parents

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scary FAIL Video snake - 84592385

Watching This Famously Venomous Snake Casually Dangle From Girl's Nightlight Legit Just Made My Balls Shrivel Up in Fear

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