Thanks, Mom and Dad!

parenting safety funny - 7795503616
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They Didn't Have a Helmet in his Size!

bag bike FAIL helmet motorcycle Parenting Fail safety suffocation - 5330052096
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The Savior of the Leashed Ones Has Arrived

child Hall of Fame leash Parenting Fail pet protective safety toddler - 5654963712
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Those Little Plastic Doodads ARE Useful

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Playground Safety Demonstration

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Pull Up Dad's Pants, Will You?

bike dad gross parenting Parenting Fail safety - 5323027712
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Just a Few Carry-On Bags

accident bike luggage motorcycle Parenting Fail safety siblings toddler - 5657924864
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But, Somebody Could get Hurt

playground safety - 6345026816
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This Kid's Multiple Choice Answer is Hard to Argue With

funny fail image kid's multiple choice answer on tornado safety
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Your Child is Hopeless

Before And After g rated Parenting FAILS safety - 6303515648
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Teach Your Kids the Importance of Nacho Safety

school kids note parenting safety g rated - 8385365504
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DIY Parents are the Best Parents

dangerous DIY Parenting Fail parents safety - 5252503552
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Break Yo Neck!

baby instructions safety tips - 6077854976
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car crazy things parents say driving mom mother safety - 59211523

Ten o'Clock and Two o'Clock!

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The Terrible 'Toos

baby lost child safety tattoo - 6109483776
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accident gun gun safety safety shooting Video - 29809921

Children, However, Don't Have a Safety

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