Parenting Fails


Tarred and Feathered

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Can I Get a 20-Spot?

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This is My Christmas Wish Every Year...

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An Alternative Method

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Via theCHIVE

Cretaceous Mom Will Not Accept Your Homophones

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One Can Only Wait on the Old Rocking Chair for So Long

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Cruel and Unusual

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When You Least Expect it, It Will Strike

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Watching Her Sister Take Her Lumps'

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Smooth Move, Jasmine

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Mom Was Never the Same After that Prison Sentence...

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An Eye for an Eye

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And Now Everyone in this Safeway Parking Lot Will Know!

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If You Can't Punish Them, Shame Them!

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You'll Go Far With that Business

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Parents tell stories about times catching troublemaking kids.

26 Parents Reveal the Most Ingenious Things They've Ever Punished Their Kids For

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