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Her Teacher Is a Real Stickler

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She Regrets Putting Dad in Charge of the Announcement

Cartoon - At 15 weeks pregnant, my wife finally let us announce on facebook. She was not happy with my "announcement"
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We're Going to Be Best Friends!

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Can't Wait For the Surprise Inside!

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Too Young

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Great, Honey. I'm Feeling Great.

Cats parenting pregnant g rated - 8206165248
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Caught On Camera: A Couple Didnt' Make It To The Hospital And Gave Birth To A Ten-Pound Baby In Their Car

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Wife Finds Creative Way to Tell Her Husband She's Pregnant

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Prenatal Facepalm

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Couple Uses Stop-Motion Animation to Make Adorable Pregnancy Timelapse Video

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She's So Excited About Becoming a Big Sister She's Gotten a Little Gassy

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"I Did That"

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Netflix N Chill Out

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When You're About to Give Birth...

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Funny memes about being pregnant | is this a pigeon? IS THIS. CONTRACTION? BRAXTON HICKS | LETS GET PREGNANT 2020! LET'S GET PREGNANT 2020! GLOBAL PANDEMIC

Fifteen Pregnancy Memes For All The Moms-To-Be

Men will never understand this pain.
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