Heehee... "Womb Service"

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If You Know What I Mean ;)

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Two Men Watch Childbirth Video for the First Time

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Things Used to be So Simple (and Terrifying)

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Public Parenting News: So, the Baby Finished the Marathon Too?

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Do You Have Any Idea How Hard it Is Carrying a Child With Super Strength?

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This is How Rumors Get Started

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Hint: It Ain't Me!

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A Slight Difference

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There are Two Kinds of Engagement Stories

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Psychic Moms are All-Knowing. Also, Autocorrect.

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A Woman Wrapped Up a Pregnancy Test in an Apple Watch Box to Surprise Her Husband on His Birthday

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Don't You Just Hate it When Couples Brag About How Happy They Are?

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And That, Children, is Where Watermelons Come From

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A Perfectly Sound Argument

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Dad Takes One For The Team

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