So Here's the Plan...

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Prank Your Mom Everyday, Get The Same Reaction Everyday

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Jimmy Kimmel Continues to Ruin Children's Halloween by Telling Parents to Pretend They Ate All the Candy

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Jimmy Kimmel Asked People to Prank Their Dads With an Unexpected Game of Catch

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Kid Magnificently Trolls His Dad With Pip Boy App For One Hilarious Fallout 4 Prank

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kid puts his face on every device in an apple store

Kid Achieves Master Troll Status, Pranks Whole Apple Store By Uploading His Face on Every Device's Screen

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For Maximum Effect, He Left it Up an Extra Couple of Days

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Son Decides to Prank His Dad Into Thinking He's Been Busted With Weed a Day Before Graduation

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Now Who Looks Foolish?

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Brilliant Halloween Tricks for When You're Sick of Handing Out Treats

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Jimmy Kimmel Honors Father's Day Tradition With Compilation of Kids Pranking Their Dads

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Mom's Birthday Prank Wasn't As Funny As She Hoped

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A Kid Uses a Giant Floating Fish to Jump Scare the Stuffing Out of Mom Cutting a Turkey

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Parent of the Day: Grinchy Dad Steals Christmas and Throws Gifts in the Fire

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I'll Take My Mel to go Please

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Troll Dad Recreates His Daughters Modeling Photos

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