You've Been Tempted to Do This at Least Once...

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Nice Work, Kid

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The Newest iPad Just Leaked

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How to Make Your Kids Lose Trust in You FOREVER

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Hey Kids! You Can Make These at Home!

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Honey, We Need New Friends...

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Pucker Up For... OH GOD

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This Guy Will Not Stop Sneaking up Behind His Dad and Scaring Him

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Cop Pulls Over a Teen Girl to Give Her a Ticket ... To a Justin Bieber Concert

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An Angry Dad Has to Activate His Dad Reflexes When His Son Keeps Throwing Eggs at Him

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Revenge for Peekaboo

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Don't Give Your Kids a Handout. Give them Fiber!

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Stay Frosty, Dads

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CareBear2626's Dad Introduces the Harsh Realities of Life

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A Status From Beyond The Grave

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