Color By Numbers! (NOTE: There is Only One Number for All of That)

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It'll Bounce For 7 Years

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Like Father Like Daughter

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commerical pregnancy poop Video - 74118913

This Commercial Gets That Guys Can Be Expecting Too

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With a Name Like That, You Had it Coming

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Most Kids Go Through This Phase

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Kids Have Scientific Intuition

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Sage Advice

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Creativity Starts Young

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Dad shares Facebook post of his daughter's room covered in poop after she had messy accident everywhere.

Disgusted Dad Shares Horrid Facebook Post of His Daughter's DEFCON 1 Poop Explosion

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That's Ruff, Dog

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Faces Babies Make While Pooping

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This New-Dad Struggle's With Changing His Daughter's Dirty Diaper the Way Any Non-Parent Would

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Sometimes Kids Can Be a Real Wedding-Party-Pooper

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I'm Not Messing Around Here

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