Perfect Timing

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Tired of Too-Cute Baby Costumes?

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Peebs's Mom Considers the Logistics

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Alright Tennyson, Well Played

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Parents, If You Rap About Crap Your Baby WIll Poop in the Potty?!

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We'll Try Our Hardest to Reciprocate

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Mom Blows Up Girls' Spot for Not Flushing Down a Turd

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I Think We Know What That Face Means...

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Monkey See, Doggy Doo

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Your Child Has a Strong Grasp of Literalism

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Angry Baboon Launches Its Poop and Hits a Little Girl Directly in the Chin

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Finally! I Was Bored of the Old Turd Shape

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Solving Our Issues Like Adults

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Seriously, Dad!

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Call of Doodie

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