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Everyone Needs a Little Encouragement

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Not Much Different From Raising a Human Family, Naturally

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Cool Facts, Pops!

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New Babysitter: The Dog

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Getting that Kitteh Action

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Parents Around the World: Is This a Coming of Age Rite of Some Kind?

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Children Are Replacements For Cats

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"We Prefer Animals Over Children"

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Dad misplaces his daughter's hamster, and then a heartfelt breakdown ensues | Padre Please call soon as get this 's an emergency dad do not freak out 's just hamster will find him Delivered

Dad Misplaces Daughter's Hamster, Breakdown Ensues

Crisis averted this time around for dad.
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Carpet Goes on Sale at Least

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I Sure Hope They at Least Own a Dog

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That or Sticking Your Head Out the Window.

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"The Things I Do for Your Little Munchkin..."

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Gee, thanks's Mom Knows the Animals Are Easier to Shop For

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I Never Signed Up for This Job

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