Parenting FAILS

Quit Boasting

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A Must Read

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Paul Simon Wrote a Song About It

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Parenting WIN: Well Now I Feel Unaccomplished In So Many Ways

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Your Son Has Great Taste

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Mommy's Little Padawans

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This is the Reason We Had Children

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She Needs an Intervention

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Self Realization

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Aww... Babby's First Aircraft Suppression!

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Boys Will Be Boys.... and the Death of You

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Dad Documents All the Reasons Why His Son is Crying

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Worry Never Robs Tomorrow of its Sorrow...

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Woop Woop Woop Woop

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funniest parenting tweets of the week - text - Kids_kubed +1 @Kids_kubed 7: Mommy, remember how I collect acorns in the fall? Me: Yes! You collected so many last year 7: and remember how I told you to keep them? Me: 7: Can I have them now? Me:

Funniest Parenting Tweets Of The Week (September 13, 2020)

The funny parents of Twitter
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