I Can't Believe I Ate So Much!

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Like Father, Like Daughter

no dna test needed daughter loves cheetos
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jimmy kimmel life FAIL answer Awkward parenting Video - 82540033

Listening to Kids Try to Explain How Babies Are Made Will Help Remind You Just How Awkward Kids Are

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Every Mower Needs This

warning kids parenting lawnmower - 8330392064
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At Least She Tried

letters birthday note parenting dad - 8257431552
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It Sucks Out Here

baby expression parenting - 8134330112
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kids parenting vaccine - 64686593

This Girl Really Hams Up Her Flu Shot

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Babies: Master of Expression

baby expression parenting - 8142208000
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Thankfully it's Too Late to Hang This Easter Card on the Fridge

funny parenting image easter egg card looks like a vagina
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Kids Being Kids

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There's Nothing Quite as Deadly as a Baby's Finernails

The deadliest weapon is a babys fingernails
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They Know Exactly What to Do

kids grandparents parenting sign - 8329165312
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New Parents Are Self(ie) Centered

parenting new father takes selfie at birth
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Just Another Day at Johnson Junction

kids trains funny looks like g rated parenting - 7675530752
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Take That, Dad Jokes!

Text - afternoonsnoozebutton dkf-4 Source: alekshdfilms thisgingerischronic alekshdfilms one time i forced my mom to play pokemon for at least half an hour and all she did was catch a butterfree and name it lowfat mom jokes> dad jokes 178,144 notes
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kids parenting family lip sync mom - 81718273

Son Puts His Life Into Lip Syncing While Mom Casually Cruises Like It's No Big Deal

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