Cutest Nap Ever

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Your Kids Think It's Time to Redecorate

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No One Would REALLY Say This to Their Kids, Right?

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A Modern Bedtime Story

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This Mother Got a Bit of a Country Surprise When Her Son's School Called Her

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In 1985 He Secretly Recorded an Argument With His Parents, Now it's a Great Animation

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If You Look Closely, You'll See He's Also Walking Backwards

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Parenting of the Day: Dad Pulls Son’s Tooth Out With a Chevy Camaro

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Back to School Means Being Prepared to Roast Your New Classmates

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These Dads React to Frozen in Their Own Way

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Not Too Different From Parenting a Human Baby

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Kickass Kid parenting Video - 70763265

This Tiny Kid Could be the Return of Bruce Lee

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9 Different Mom Types In The Animal Kingdom

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Never Enter Foreign Combat Without It

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Possibly the Most Thrilling Slide Experience Ever Caught on Camera

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Collection of funny pics and tweets that reflect the rollercoaster ride of parenting.

25 Funny Accurate Tweets and Pics About Parenting That'll Make You Never Want to Have Kids

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