He Wasn't Even There to Defend Himself

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By LJWest

One Can Only Wait on the Old Rocking Chair for So Long

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By Unknown

So, Wait... the Cake is Gay?

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By Unknown
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Keeping the Art of Handwritten Communication Alive

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Nice Try, Alex

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What's In There Then?

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Via Smosh

I Still Get the Money, Right?

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It's Always Nice to Leave Notes in Their Lunches

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Ring at Your Own Risk

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He Has an Active Imagination

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I Shall Try Again

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Did I Just Win the Lottery?

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By Unknown

Pop Culture Parenting: That Should Work!

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By Unknown

And You Thought a Post-It That Said "I Love You" Was Thoughtful...

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Notes From a Father to His Son

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Children Understand Priorities in Relationships

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