We Know Who the Favorite is in That Family

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demonstar's Cousin has a Knack for This Sort of Thing

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Thank Goodness They Didn't Listen to the Internet

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A Quick Word to the Parents of All the "Blue Ivy"s of the World

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There Ought to be a Rule for Inflicting Your Child With This Name

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Can't Tell If Trolling or Best Parents

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Public Parenting News: The Kid Better Be a BAMF

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What's the Most Unfortunate Thing About This Ad?

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She Looks Good For a Flying Reptile!

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Why Would You Saddle Your Child With a Name Like This?

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Factors That Must Be Considered When Naming a Child

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Always Go For The Most Humiliating Name

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Just In Case You Forget

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The Most Popular Baby Names of 2013

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His Parents Are Pure Evil

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