Clever parents use their "fake" baby to sneak snacks into the movies.

Devious Parents Use Their "Baby" To Sneak Snacks Into the Movies

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Watch 'Meet the Parents' Reimagined as a Riveting Thriller

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Kids in Movies Get All The Cool Friends

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Classic Movie Scenes Recreated With Cardboard and a Baby

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This Kid is Rawr-some

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Remember the '80s, Bro?

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Tom Hanks knows a thing or two about childhood

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Being Famous Doesn't Make It Easier

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Like Minion Like Minion

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Toddlers Recreate This Years Oscar Nominees

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Blasphemous, Blasphemous Child

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A Wholesome Family Movie...Unrated!

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Kids Replicate Scenes From This Year's Oscar Nominees

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That Makes Sense

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Suddenly Making You Mow the Lawn Doesn't Seem so Bad

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Sausage Party Is Not for Kids

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