Sometimes Kids Have to Teach Their Parents

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Yes, Aren't They Adorable?

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Funny memes about parenting, kids | kid makes friend at park, but now stuck talking parents am uncomfortable dog | After 3,456,358th Mom, look at day OverheardMother

Parenting Memes And Tweets For Moms And Dads Who Can't Catch A Break

For when you just need a break from your kids.
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Kids Only Text You the Really Important Things

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Not Bad

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Today is Not That Day, Mother

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Mom Will Always Call You Out

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This is What Your Kids Tweet About You

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Seems a Little Harsh

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You Have the Right to Remain... Oh Who Am I Kidding?

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A Card Would've Been Sufficient

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Thanks, Mom

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Can't You ONCE Do What Mom Asks?

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A Deep Conversation With Mom

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Nice Try, Mom

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When a Facepalm is Insufficient, There's Always the Headwall

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