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This Father and Soldier Gives His Son a Special Photobomb on Class Picture Day

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Adam Sandler's Dad Refused to Let Him Join the Military Because He Was "a Pussy"

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Welcome Home!

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Mom Loses All Her Marbles After Reuniting With Son For the First Time in 4 Years

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A Child's Letter to Troops in Afganistan

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Alright You Maggots, Drop and Give Me Fifty

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You Innocent Jackass

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RAMIREZ! Take Out that Helicopter with Your Baby!

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Beats a Tea Party Any Day

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Thinning Out, One Sailor at a Time

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Aww... Babby's First Aircraft Suppression!

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This Game of Red Rover is Getting Really Serious

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Men, We Have An Important Mission!

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Bulbasaur Lover's Uncle Does Not Understand the Superiority of Blastoise over EVERYTHING

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