People share the funniest lies they've gotten away with telling oblivious kids.

29 People Share the Funniest Lies They've Ever Told Kids

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Kids Will Believe Anything

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The Box Always Lies

kids lies parenting sprinkler g rated - 8169213696
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It Knows When You're An Adult

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It'll Bounce For 7 Years

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She Just Wants You to Grow Up Big and Strong

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Fight Lies with Lies!

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au naturale crazy things parents say lies mother sexy times - 59532035

Oh Mom, So Full of Lies

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Some The Weirdest Lies Parents Tell Their Kids

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crazy things parents say Easter Bunny holidays lies parents have sex too santa claus - 58795267

John's Dad Has a Large, Deep Closet.

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Ignorance Is Bliss

internet lies - 6103312128

The Lies We Tell

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Are You Telling Me It's Not A Felony To Sneak Cookies Before Dinner

parenting police lies Are You Telling Me It's Not A Felony To Sneak Cookies Before Dinner
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Maybe Even a Hundred

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We Have A Social Responsibility To Make Other People's Kids Cry

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Mom's Been Working On Her Penmanship

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