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Meterologist Dad Drops Perfectly Snarky Comment to Daughter Over Text, Internet Instantly Loves Him

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Way to Rub it in, Jerks

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12 Times Peoples' Moms Rained Down Hellfire On Facebook Statuses

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Tweets that prove kids can be ruthless, insult-slinging savages.

14 Tweets That Prove Kids Can Be Ruthless, Insult-Spewing Savages

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R-honda's Mom Has to Rub it in...

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Check Mate

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Slam Dunk

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20 Times WeRateDads Was On The Money With Brutally Honest Reviews

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A collection of the funniest and most creative insults that kids have come up with. | recently working with kid and another teacher, and kid turned other teacher and said about she probably listens all by myself at night

Funniest Ways That Kids Have Insulted Adults

They deserve bonus points for the creativity.
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Shivani's Dad has the Correct Diagnosis

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Queenfrostine97 Pleads the Fifth

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Funny brutal insulting things kids said to adults | amalgamas 4.2k points 23 hours ago Little girl dressed as fast food worker Halloween being given shit by her aunt her "low choice" and she needed aim higher if she wanted succeed, whole thing really demeaning and weird. Girl fired back with only 12 s excuse being poor then?

Brutal Junk Kids Said to Adults

How do you come back from being burned by a child.
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Oblivious Grandma Fails Miserably, Accidentally Skewers Her Grandson With Brutal Birthday Card

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After a WIld Child Tries to Topple Him, This Busker Burns His Parents in Front of the Crowd

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Can't Hate That Response

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