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Mastered the Toilet Paper Roll and the Dishwasher? It's Time to Turn Off the Lights!

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A Mistake You Only Make Once

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Pro Tip: The Instructions That Come With Your First Baby

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Let This Dad Show You How To Hold a Baby

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That Move is So Old, Anyway

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Created by batboysdad
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Instructional Video Dad is Back to Show You How to Vacuum

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Oh!... DON'T Put Baby in a Cage

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Daughter of "Toilet Paper Dad" Responds With a Video of Her Own

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The Dad Who Taught His Kids How to Change the Toilet Paper Roll is Back

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For the Teenager Who Just Isn't Sure How the Change That Toilet Paper Roll

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Didn't Read Label, Explains Why Washer's Making That Funny Noise...

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It's No Different Than the Ball Pit at Chuck E. Cheese, Right?

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Break Yo Neck!

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