Just a Nice, Friendly Spectator Sport

fight hockey inappropriate Parenting Fail sports toddler - 5508809728
By Unknown

You Don't Want to Know What it Smells Like

inappropriate Parenting Fail sale store wait what - 5481871872
By LilyAdar

Use Your Imagination

coloring book inappropriate - 6665876480
By Unknown

Just Advertise It, Why Not?

clothing fashion inappropriate Parenting Fail sale shirt toddlers and tiaras - 5530408448
By Jeremie237

Don't Forget to Burn the Body!

g rated gun inappropriate kid meme murder parenting Parenting Fail portrait shooting They Said - 5540426240
By Unknown
school FAIL inappropriate teachers - 85226241

These Teachers Were Caught on Video Playing ‘F*ck, Marry, Kill’ About Students, And Parents Are Livid

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No Touching!

dancing inappropriate Parenting Fail pole dance stripper underage - 5328583936
By Unknown

L is for Lee Harvey Oswald

inappropriate childrens-books funny - 7563227136
By JeshuSama (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)
crazy things parents say inappropriate name Parenting Fail pet relatives - 59126531

demonstar's Cousin has a Knack for This Sort of Thing

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Study Hard, Kid

baby inappropriate lady bits magazine Parenting Fail pr0n studying - 5478551296
By Unknown

Take Notes, Kiddo

cake inappropriate lick Parenting Fail parents have sex too Party - 5275051008
By gardenpartyy

Some Parents Force Their Kids to Go to Law School

Babies inappropriate funny - 7675369472
By Unknown

Let's hope those are his parents

inappropriate parents - 5705847808
By Unknown

Treasured Memories of Jimmy's First Birthday

inappropriate funny Parenting Fail - 7604838912
By Unknown

Amazing Photography of the Twin Peeks

inappropriate kid mirror pic Parenting Fail wait what - 5308275456
See all captions By Unknown

He Knows The Shocker...

inappropriate Parenting Fail - 5884366848
Via Izismile
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