A Perfect Opportunity For a Little Toilet Humor

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Children Should Be Barely Seen and Not Heard

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Some Girls Don't Want to Let it Go

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Who Wouldn't Love a Baby Pablo Escobar?!

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The Costume that's Also a Reminder

condom contraception costume halloween Parenting Fail - 5378811392
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With the Right Soundtrack Playing in the Background

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You Don't See Costumes Like These Anymore

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Finding Anyone That Will Look Past All These Balloons

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Pokémon pumpkins halloween win dating - 1076997

Guy's Girlfriend Helped His Mom Turn a Pumpkin into Koffing for a Work Competition, and This Absolutely Deserves First Prize

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Of all the WB Characters to Dress Up as, the Water Tower?

Awkward costume DIY halloween Parenting Fail - 5352686848
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This Little Girl Knows That Some Tricks Aren't Worth a Treat

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Done With Halloween Now

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NPH and David Burtka's Family Halloween Costume Theme is Alice in Wonderland!

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From the Mouths of Babes

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A Lot Of Daughters

halloween, dad, daughters, costume
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Jenna Fischer from 'The Office' Dressed up Her Adorable Son as Dwight Schrute for Halloween This Year, and We Can't Even

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