Start strumming that guitar and they will come running. The guitar is one of those instruments that will just never be out of style, and will always be there to impress your less musically-gifted compatriots. So let's see that Paco de Lucía impression and laugh a bit, can't hurt...much.

Mmm... D Major

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Awesome Kid Alert: Where is He Hiding the Extra Fingers?

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30 Years Later Musician Makes a Song From His Childhood Bathtime Jam

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Anybody Know How to Tune a Baby?

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7 Year Old Plays "Sweet Child o' Mine" on Guitar

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11 Month Old Twins Dancing to Daddy's Guitar

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Music is Delicious

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Give It Up, Dad

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6-Going-on-60, This Young Boy Just Wants You To Take Care of Your Phone

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Play it Again, Dad

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Teach Your Kids to Appreciate Music

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Rock-a-Bye Baby

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Oh Deere!

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Awesome Kid Alert: Rage Against the Playground

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This Baby Knows How to Rock

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