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Grandmas Make the Best Facebook Posts

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There are a Lot Fewer Surprises in Life Once You Learn How to Read

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Oblivious Grandma Fails Miserably, Accidentally Skewers Her Grandson With Brutal Birthday Card

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Trolled By G-Ma

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This Bride and Groom Asked Their Grandmas to be Flower Girls

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The Real Greeting Card Grandma

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A Card Addressed "to Grandma" Breaks the News to This VERY Excited Woman

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pictures of rude cross stich designs | thumbnail includes two pictures of cross stiches Text - It's not a crack house It's a crack home, Life is harder than nipples

Rude Cross Stitches Your Grandma Definitely Didn't Make

Less-than-wholesome embroideries
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Can't You Boys Behave For ONE SECOND?

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Too Young to Know How Hard He Just Trolled

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They're Hard to Miss, Usually

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C'mon Grandma

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But I Always Have A Full Battery

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The Only Dating Advice You'll Need is Given By This 94-year-old Irish Grandmother

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Breaking Grandma's Ankles in a Driveway Pickup Game is Probably How You Cross Yourself Out of Her Will

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