Always Give Very Specific Directions

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Proud Mama

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These Pictures of Kids on Their First Day vs Last Day of School Will Trigger Happy Feels

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Dress Gets Senior Sent Home on the Last Day of School: Awesome Mom Wears it to Graduation

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Nice Try

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Siblings Take the Same Photo Each Time One Graduates

school graduation image Siblings Take the Same Photo Each Time One Graduates
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Jathan Muhar Knows Just Who He Wants to Be When He's Grown Up

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Dad films the wrong girl at graduation and the internet still reacts with love and laughs on Twitter.

Dad FAILs Big Time, Films Wrong Girl at Graduation, and the Internet Still Loves Him

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What's the Most Unfortunate Thing About This Ad?

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Thanks For Everything, Dad

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Dukie's dad Was Aiming Low, to Avoid Disappointment

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Son Decides to Prank His Dad Into Thinking He's Been Busted With Weed a Day Before Graduation

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It's Not a Graduation Without a Dad Joke

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Genius Parenting Idea

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Instead of Skipping Her Graduation Ceremony, This Mother Breast Fed Her Way into the Hearts of the Internet

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