Trust No One, Not Even a Trust Fall


This "Train" Thing is Awesome!

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Pro Tip: Bribing Your Kids With Driving Promises For Potting Training Works!

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This Baby is a Roller Coaster of Emotions

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Is This How You Juggle, Dad?

ouch gifs kids parenting dad g rated - 8433363200
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The Young and the Restless

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What Is That!

parenting baby gifs What Is That!
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Sword Fight!

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Last Birthday Party He'll Get Invited To

birthday cake gifs puke vomit - 6516500224
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iBrothers Will be iBrothers

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Amber Alert!

gifs kidnapping pedobear - 6437246208
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Go F Yourself

gifs candles birthday cake - 6997596672
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He's Learned That Having Dreams Can Disappoint Fast

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Sometimes You Just Need To Lend A Helpful Foot

gifs tricycle - 5226765056
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Boys Will Be Boys

gifs parenting family brothers - 8799857920
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Little Dude Takes His First Car Ride Through a Car Wash

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