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Thanks, Dad

dads there I fixed it tape g rated parenting - 7939548160
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kids signs parenting g rated - 7846173696
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Getting Closer Every Time!

fml giving birth parenting g rated - 8437229056
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Someone Missed the Memo

kids funny g rated parenting - 7601557504
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A Visual Dad Joke

dad jokes parenting food g rated - 8295984384
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Call the Ghostbusters!

Ghostbusters g rated Parenting FAILS - 7256573952
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"Nyaaaaaaah! So, We Meet Again!"

eyebrows g rated parenting funny - 7431815936
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Not Going Anywhere for a While?

cat g rated girl Hall of Fame hug Parenting FAILS - 6335297280
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kids yelling parenting Video g rated - 67096577

Some Kids Can't Handle Scary Stories

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Not Really Helpful at All

games ipad kids parenting g rated poorly dressed - 7881903616
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Is This How You Juggle, Dad?

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Later, Losers

baby car fire g rated gifs Parenting FAILS - 6390964480
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I Believe

beards funny web comics dads poorly dressed g rated - 7828906752
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Way Cooler Than Rocking Horses

star wars kids parenting g rated - 8018388992
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I Love Playing Princesses!...

girls g rated guns Parenting FAILS Party princess weapons - 6091276800
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Seen at a Clothing Store in Colorado

g rated Parenting FAILS sign store - 6495016960
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