For Sale: The Doll From Frozen

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Cute Moment of the Day: These Parents Lip Sync Perfectly to Frozen's "Love is an Open Door"

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The Surprises You Find as a Parent

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Why Would I Help HIM?

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An Alternate Use For That Frozen Blanket

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Don't LAUGH While I'm SINGING!

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Dad of The Year

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What Do You Do If Your Daughter Isn't Ready to Let Go of Frozen? Dress Up as Elsa, of Course!

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These Dads React to Frozen in Their Own Way

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Dad and Daughter Do an Adorable Lip-Sync to a Frozen Song That ISN'T "Let it Go"

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Sick of Frozen? This Father's Got Your Anthem

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She's Aware of the Issue

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dad dresses up like elsa from frozen son is Olaf
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There Better Be an Elsa Doll in Here...

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Don't Break the Ice IRL

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Something to Look Out For During Your Twenty-Eighth Viewing of Frozen

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