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Some Boy You Got There!

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By Unknown

What a Lovely Family

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He Doesn't Have the Hang of This Whole "Photo" Thing Yet

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Probably Won't Be the Christmas Card Next Year

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Wait a Minute, I Only See... Oooohhhh!

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By Unknown

Not Much Different From Raising a Human Family, Naturally

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By Unknown

Some Kids Are Just Naturally Photogenic

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That's How a Lot of Us Feel Around Cameras

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Found This Year's Christmas Card!

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Apparently Disneyland is an Awful Place

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Look Happy? I Don't Think So!

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Smile For the Camera!

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"I'll Wear What I Wanna Wear, Dad! You Don't Even Know"

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By Unknown

And He's Reminded Every Day

Awkward dad family photo Parenting Fail shirt - 5390222080
By Unknown

It's in the Jeans

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By Unknown

Setting a Great Example There, Dad

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