Weep. Weep For the Children of Today

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This is My Christmas Wish Every Year...

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Thanks Olaf

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"I Don't Disagree, I Just Don't Want My Child to See it" -Someone Who Actually Disagrees With it

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True Facts, Friends

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Funny tweets about homeschooling while being quarantined | Lurkin' Mom @LurkAtHomeMom Quarantine Day One: This could be fun always wondered would be like homeschool! Quarantine Day One [at breakfast SO HELP GOD, MOVE FOOT AWAY BROTHER'S CEREAL BOWL OR WILL FIND SCHOOL THIS COUNTRY IS OPEN AND DRIVE US THERE TODAY 2:11 pm 16 Mar 2020 Twitter iPhone 68 Retweets 381 Likes

Roundup Of Tweets About Quarantine Homeschooling From Tired Parents

Parents, you got this.
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Thanks for the Reminder, Mom

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Nothing Like a Little Honesty This Holiday Season

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School Teacher Brought Kids to an Adult Toy Store for a Field Trip

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Not What We Mean by "Turn the Other Cheek"

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And Nobody Was Surprised

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This is Why I Never Drew Trains as a Child

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Why This is, We Will Never Know

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Seems Like a Fair Trade

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Vilame's Mom Might Want to Proofread that One

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On the One Hand, Proof of Moral Fiber. On the Other Hand, Mind Bleach

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