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Kids Gotta Learn Early Not to Fall Asleep at the Wheel

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A Public Service Message

accident alcohol baby car drinking driving Parenting Fail whoops - 5294598656
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Public Parenting News: Wait Until Sunday, the Traffic's Lighter

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Leave it in the Loving Hands of Trolldad

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Thug Life Dad of the Year Won't Stand for Your Reckless Driving While His Kid is in the Car

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What Else Would Your Dad Have You Do in a Corvette?

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The Five And The Furious

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Better Safe Than Sorry

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Pro Tip: Bribing Your Kids With Driving Promises For Potting Training Works!

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This Crazy Dad Can Rap

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Thanks, Dad

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This Kid Will Grow Up to be a Model Floridian

funny fail news kid drives power wheels on florida highway
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Public Parenting News: Kids are Not Footballs

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Hold on Tight!

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Too Late for Apologies

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By _C_A_T_
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Caught On Camera: A Couple Didnt' Make It To The Hospital And Gave Birth To A Ten-Pound Baby In Their Car

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